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Imagine the miracles that can happen when the most powerful global networks and communities get together in one common platform.

The tipping point has been reached: the community of engaged citizens has grown big and strong enough to scale our important individual and organizational impacts into an even more powerful positive global force. RITA.global is the meeting, action and learning place for change-makers in business, education and social enterprise from around the world. The digital platform empowers global change-makers to connect, exchange, learn and tap into the most effective transformative tools to collaborate on massive positive action


of Practice

Interested in learning about new initiatives and connecting with like-minded folks? Join our community to share and be inspired.

Join our community to stay in touch with colleagues and meet other change-makers from around the world. Come and learn from others, ask questions, and share your project and news so that your initiatives can scale up. At the interconnection of education, social enterprise and business, this is your go-to place to learn about sustainability, responsibility and social entrepreneurship, and the transformation towards a better world.

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& Ideas

Curious about what thought-leaders are working on? Check out the latest insights from innovative research around the world.

Check out what our thought-leaders are working on. The latest research is made accessible in the form of short lectures, videos, blogs for you to learn, be inspired and of course to apply and use in your domain – be it education or business. This space offers customized updates from researchers around the world that work at the cutting-edge of innovation, enabling you to find the missing pieces to get the bigger picture.


Tools &

Looking for ready-to-use tools and pragmatic support? Discover transformative tools, consulting and train-the-trainer offers.

Discover proven tools and targeted consulting in three areas: the individual, the organizational and the larger societal transformation. Try pragmatic and effective tools in the area of responsibility and leadership. Consider methods to enable the transformation of business towards sustainability, or test multi-stakeholder process tools that create positive societal change. Receive consulting offers in all three areas and check training options tools that you may want to use in your own consulting.

& Courses

Seeking new and innovative learning solutions? Choose your next course in your learning journey no matter your location or age.

Choose from a growing list of courses from around the world to suit your learning needs. Find out about programs that allow you to combine courses into degrees. Create your degree at your own pace and time, wherever you are today or might be tomorrow. Expect learning badges, nano-degrees, macro-degrees, and even full-fledged university degrees with the credits you can accumulate. Welcome to the future of education!

& Jobs

Searching for a job or project where you can make a true difference? Find countless opportunities from around the world.

Employers world-wide are looking for passionate and values-based professionals with an appetite to embrace wicked problems and challenges outside of business-as-usual. Discover a unique portfolio of internships, jobs and project opportunities. Your learning badges will boost your CV so that you can join projects and organizations around the world that are all about making a massive positive difference. There is so much to do – let’s get you started!

Events &

Wanting to connect and learn more about how to scale your efforts and maximize your potential? Sign-up for an upcoming event.

Discover a tailor-made list of events by thought-leaders, community practitioners, partners, tool and solution-providers, and learning designers. Sign up to learn more about tools, courses, projects and more. Wherever you are, there are options for you, either virtually or in person. Contribute with your events and benefit from engaging with a global community of like-minded passionate change-makers in business, education and social enterprise.